Five things that are pleasing me

Five things pleasing me

It’s one of those weekends when staying inside and hibernating isn’t just a nice option, it almost seems a necessity. The rain has been pounding the roof for hours now, a soothing noise that I don’t think I will ever tire of. For once, I am enjoying the stillness that this weather brings, feeling comforted instead of constrained.

But who knows, by tomorrow, it may become unpleasing. Too much of a good thing and all that.

While it’s here, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on what pleased me greatly this week, although to be honest the list of what didn’t please me is probably longer, I will try and keep them balanced. Balance pleases me.

  • Poss did her first training session for district athletics. She did well – jumping long and far, pleasing me with her enthusiasm. However, the fact that it was held at 6.50am in 2 degree weather, before the sun had even peaked over the horizon, pleased me far far less.
  • We love the Hugobunny. We love him like a fur baby. But this weekend he wee’d on our rug one too many times and it had to be thrown out. So now our lounge is rug-less. This displeases me greatly. Although the opportunity to purchase new home wares is taking the edge off it.
  • Today I spent some time clearing out my wardrobe. Moving to a less corporate workplace has meant that too much of my clothes are not being worn. So out went the suit pants and out went the shirts. It was tedious and boring, but looking at the more streamlined closet is pleasing me. And much like the rug situation, a good clean-out surely means I have grounds to go shopping?
  • Early nights are pleasing me. I have always been told that the time you sleep before midnight is the most important, but being a night owl I often don’t get much. But this week, I’ve hit a wall. It won’t last, but while it does, it’s rather pleasing.
  • There has been baking. Cupcakes and brownies. I’m no great baker, and having a broken oven for a while has only made it worse. But this weekend we baked. And it pleased me. Almost as much as eating the results.

Go on. Tell me, what’s pleasing you this week?

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  1. Hmmm, some weeks it’s really difficult to think of pleasing things. Maybe just not such a cheery week round here!?But inspired by your ability to see the silver lining in Hugo’s incessant weeing… Pleasing me? Friends (as always) – the old, the new, the funny, the serious…Love them all, house renos (even though it currently looks like a dump we are getting there), and kid-free nights. x

  2. i have started my studies. (age care cert3) am pleased with both the way it’s presented and my effort so far. encouraged by this, looked around and also found possibilities to study free, just ‘for fun’ things that i have a personal interest in (philosophy, psychology) challenging and filling my brain with new things pleases me as much as I suspected it would.
    and also that my husband brought choc pudding and sharepacks of maltesers and m&m home for movietime later. chocolate pleasures always please me greatly.

  3. I’ve gotta aim for more of those early nights! Whoops – there goes another one… x
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