Gin and happy thoughts

gin and happy thoughts 2

You know when you have one of those weeks, or even one of those days, when you get to the end of it, look back and think you may have possibly stumbled on to the set of a game show? Ok. Maybe it’s just me.

Either way, this week was one of those weeks. It has felt like the hits have just kept coming; first the car accident last week, then we had issues with our other car (think big dollars) and then Poss has been on some kind of manic, hyper kick all week creating havoc wherever she goes. Friday could seriously not come fast enough.

So in the spirit of getting me out of my cranky pants and into my soft, relaxed pants for the weekend, I shall sip a gin and share what’s pleased me greatly. Because surely, if I focus hard enough on that stuff, it might bring more of it my way? If nothing else, the gin will help me see past the crap. Gin and happy thoughts. Sounds good in theory.

  • We survived the first week of the school holidays, with a little (ok, a lot) of help from my mother in law. The fact that we are all still alive and Poss hasn’t driven her completely insane pleases me greatly.
  • I have some stupidly awesome friends, who, among other things, listen to my rants, celebrate their birthdays when they don’t even want to and buy me gin on a Tuesday night before making sure I get home safely to bed. They also offer me their couches *and* cake. Seriously, these chicks please me greatly.
  • There are brownies in my house. There won’t be for much longer. They are too pleasing and must be eaten.
  • Some people are really clever, and they share with me their cleverness. It sometimes surprises me where it comes from, but I did have a few catch ups with people this week that left me walking away inspired and excited (and yes, pleased).
  • Emails from readers (and comments!) please me greatly. I often feel like I am writing to myself, or just shouting in the wind, so when people take the time to respond back, it’s seriously lovely.
  • My husband’s first love, his passion, his Hawthorn football club is in the Grand Final tomorrow. While this doesn’t please me all that much, it pleases him greatly, so I can only hope they win or there may be tears.
  • On a related note – tomorrow is the last game of the football season. This alone, pleases me greatly!

Now it’s your turn – what’s pleasing you this week?

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  1. The first week of the school holidays means out of the professional clothes and into the jeans and T-shirt for report writing week at work. That and it only takes 12 minutes to get to work with no school traffic. Also last nights vodkas didn’t result in any form of repercussions today. This pleases me greatly!!

  2. After a few truly awful months Gracie has bounced back to normal. So yesterday I cuddles her for hours and made her giggle and enjoyed her good health.
    Sophie went to vacation care for the first time and loved it. And she’s been easier to get on with due to being occupied and tired.
    I had lunch with my bestie today. And he always makes me smile. Even though I’ve been up since 3am today. Again.
    And I have amazeballs friends.
    I’m glad your blessings are many and hope your gin is plentiful x

  3. Workingwomenaus says:

    You have awesome friends m’dear, because you are the ants pants. Love you to bits and I hope next week is better xx

  4. Ms_MotorbikeNut says:

    My hubby MotorbikeNut is also a Hawthorn follower & his turned me into one I never followed AFL till we meet now I love (no make it like LOL) Hawthorn.

    The one thing that pleases me is family hubby,A, our cat Felix plus me all relaxing and spending time together would never ever swap that for anything.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  5. Like!
    what pleases me is reading your blog. I don’t always have enough neurons to form a coherent sentence, so I hope you’re getting page hits or something to indicate we’re reading even when we’re silent 🙂

  6. Gin (or in my case Amarula) and happy thoughts sound like great therapy !!
    I’m glad you made it through the first week of holidays and that your family will be pleased, no thrilled, with the Hawthorn win (even though I thought is was a cr*ppy game !!)
    Have a great week !
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