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A meal on us

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We did something tonight that we’ve never done. A simple thing, that families all over Australia do and probably don’t think a whole lot about.

We sat together and we ate Chinese food.

Sounds simple, but for many years I’ve been the only one who eats it. Meaning that we don’t eat it often. Or really, at all. Except on those odd nights I might be home by myself, when I may have indulged in a takeaway. But I can count those opportunities on one hand…

Growing up in the 80’s, Chinese food was a local highlight. We lived in a small country town, options for take away were limited to pizza, fish and chips and on special occasions, Chinese. Fried rice and prawn crackers were prized, and their giant steamed dim sims, while not quite a South Melbourne Market standard, they were pretty darn tasty!

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I married husband and not long afterwards discovered his dislike of the cuisine. And when Poss came along with all her food issues, well, it was just taken off the table. Literally. There’s even been tears. Don’t even ask me about our yum cha experiences…

Recently though I’ve convinced husband to give it another go. We found a little local place, Chopsticks Culture, who do a mean lemon chicken and a chilli fried rice and bit by bit, he’s been turned around. We do take away once a week, and it’s become a regular rotation – but convincing Poss to try it? Not a chance.

Tonight though, we were sneaky. We ordered her a plain rice and she had some of husbands lemon chicken without the lemon sauce. We didn’t tell her we were ordering take away, and when the delivery man arrived, we snuck it down the hallway. Presented in a bowl, she agreed to try it.

I’m sure the angels started singing and I feel like we should buy a lottery ticket; she ate it people. Not the whole bowl, but a considerable about of that meal went into her mouth, all with little complaint. It’s not dim sims, it’s not a tasty stir fry, or even some chicken and corn soup… but it’s a start.

We’re taking it as a win. Maybe there’s hope for yum cha yet…

To celebrate, the good people at Menulog are giving you a chance to win a meal on us, valued at $50, to find a local gem for yourself. Who knows, you may convince your family to try something new?

To enter, tell me what your kids refuse to even try in the comments below before 1st August.  And if your kids eat everything put in front of them (I may hate you a little bit) tell me what your partner won’t eat. Odds are you’re struggling with at least one of these things!


Disclaimers & details: Entries will be open until 1st August 2014 and entries are only open to Australian residents. We were compensated for this post with vouchers from Menulog. Entries will be judged by me and winner will be contacted by email. 

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  1. Ahh! We talked about this! I’m so glad you got to eat Chinese food.

    My kids will eat pretty much anything. If you give me a gift voucher, I’ll probably spend it on creamy pasta and having ten minutes to myself.

    Also, if you ever need a yum cha companion …
    Anna Spargo-Ryan recently posted..What Peaches Geldof didMy Profile

  2. Crust!! Everyone refuses to eat crust! Personally I wont eat a kit-kat, not sure why, I actually think I like them… But I just won’t eat a kit-kat!

  3. Tomatoes… truly sad.

  4. Michelle V says:

    Peas. My own fault though really, as I once told them the (true) story of my friend who had put a pea up his nose when he was a child and had to have it painfully removed in hospital. They now fear peas and wouldn’t eat them if they were forced to!

  5. My two are not so great on Veggies except raw carrot and cucumber!! they will eat lots of fruit though so I don’t stress too much about it ! There were lots of things I didn’t eat as a kid including cheese, and then I went to live in France for 2 years and yeah presto I will eat pretty much any cheese going !! x

  6. You are an awesome sneaky mama!! Would love to yum cha with you one day – Poss and Pop can sit under the table with their iPads 🙂

  7. Broccoli and Alfalfa Sprouts

  8. Jennifer B. says:

    How can kids not like BANANAS?! In any form?
    (I blame their grandmother…)

  9. My two year old will not eat mushrooms! I chop them finely and he still finds them. He must have some super vision!

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