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Giveaway  A weighty issue

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We’ve had a weighted blanket for a few years now. I can’t remember how we came across them, probably online somewhere, but from the moment it arrived, ‘Weighty’ as Poss fondly calls it, has been part of our family.

He waits in the car for her after school, he went on camp with her. He’s often the first thing she asks for after a bad day and some days, when she can’t ask for him because words are too much, we bring him to her and she snuggles under with a sigh of relief.

After we’ve had such success with our basic blanket, when the good folks at Sensory Calm got in touch with me about their weighted products, we were happy to try them out.

A step up on our blanket, these are professional options (with a bunch of research behind them) that use chains instead of sand or beans. They are fully machine washable and are really designed to last a lifetime.

We’ve tried a few different options over the past few months; a lap blanket, a larger quilt, a vest and a collar. At one point Poss had them ALL on and while she said she loved it, she actually couldn’t stand… not sure that’s the intent!

They actually come with some pretty detailed instructions regarding the suitable weight for different ages, along with how long you should wear each of the garments for optimum results. Of course, you don’t need all of them – just what is going to be most comfortable for your child.

Poss has loved the collar the best, and I have to say, it’s probably my favourite too. When she goes to bed at night, I can often be found with my laptop on my lap and the collar on my neck; it’s supposed to increase concentration and calm, which is something we could all do with more of!

While they do take a bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve been using another product, we’ve been really impressed. Poss has had a few friends stay over these holidays (both NT and on the Spectrum) and there’s been arguments over who was going to get which product; it’s not often we have kids fighting over therapy aides!

So you can try them out, I’ve got one $100 voucher to use in the Sensory Calm store to give away. It’s more than enough to get a children’s collar, or you can put it towards another product of your choosing!

To enter, simply tell me which of the Sensory Calm products you’d like to try (you can check them out here) and why in the comments below.


The fine print: the competition is open until 2nd Feb 2015, and you need to be an Australian resident to enter. Entries will be judged on their creative responses, and judges decision will be final. This is a sponsored post from Sensory Calm – however as always, you can’t buy our opinions!

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  1. Most definitely the collar. Itd be easy to take anywhere and hopefully would provide the calm needed.

  2. Oh boy has Kieran needed a weighted anything during these school holidays. He has been so bothered by everything… I bet he would love the collar. A hand on the shoulder helps calm him, so I imagine that is even better! They just need to make a weighted hand that can pat him to sleep when he is anxious and I am exhausted.

  3. Nicole aust says:

    Very interested in the lap blanket. With a little about to start prep this could be a great help to keep him still and calm.

  4. When the world gets too much
    And our boy needs some grounding
    The weighted collar looks like
    It would feel astounding!
    Flapping and flying around the room,
    Some nights bedtime can’t come too soon!
    With the ‘magic’ collars soothing weight
    Some slowing down and calm would be great!

  5. Wow. I think this week I myself could use a weighted collar. With results today to see if I have the big C word from the PMP. Just a double kick in the head. And a husband who thinks the best way to deal with the loss and battle is to be angry at everything. The poor dishwasher doesn’t know what it did wrong but if it does it again it could end up flying down the street. Ahh just thinking about it I feel better already!

  6. Karmen Cataldo says:

    I definitely need to try the comforter!
    Our 5y.o starts Prep on Friday and as you can imagine mummy is freaking out…
    He currently has ‘case’ which is a rundown pillow case with holes and looks like it has been mauled to near death. Case come everywhere with us and nothing I can do or say can relieve him as well as case. At times he blocks out the entire world by covering his head and I understand to leave him alone. Trying to replace ‘case’ has been a 2 year fight so now I think it’s time to try something new!!

  7. My 17 year old asper girl has always wanted a weighted blanket – she currently sleeps with her huge dog covering her entire body every night – a similar effect but not quite as comfortable or clean lol ! She’d love a large sized one as she liked her entire body covered !

  8. We tried the Thera brush therapy with our 7 year old & it worked short term. We can now get pj’s on her without a problem and it helped with her skin to skin contact & her falls/accidents. We used to get a lot of screaming with no tears and she struggled to communicate what was wrong/hurting. This has started to come back slowly so I would love to try a blanket with her, something we can use more regularly! ~ thank you, Natalie.

  9. Catherine says:

    The strange thing is, as I look at this and wonder if the weighted collar might work for our girl, I have just found out that she has spent the entire school holidays with the metaphorical weight of the world on her shoulders. Finally she has told me something that happened on the last day of school last year that she has worried about in silence ever since…
    Right now my brain in focused on getting her through first day nerves tomorrow, but thank you for your review (and giveaway!) – I will definitely be looking into this!

  10. My 16 year old son would really benefit from the collar.. After a day at school I hope that this would be the perfect de-stress and calming tool for him.. The pacing up and down for half an hour helps him but drives me bonkers!

  11. The collar looks amazing, especially when sitting here blogging and reading and tweeting and face booking and… well you know the rest.


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