{Giveaway} One week down. Two to go.

Poss glasses

While most other schools are only starting holidays today, we are already a week in. A week of juggling work, with home, with Poss and her desire to do nothing but lie around and watch TV in her onesie. One week down. Two weeks to go.

We’ve had appointments with specialists in the hope the traction we started to gain before the holidays isn’t lost. Appointments to finally sort out her eyes, which resulted in the long lusted after frames being ordered. Who knew that all this time she has iris strands and is long sighted? Apparently she did. Of course she did.

She has caught up with friends and hung out with the lovely girls in the office, who all treat her like a princess, going out of their way to make her feel special.

We’ve bought new clothes and tidied her wardrobe. She has grown about three inches in a month and suddenly everything is too small. She literally has about three outfits that both fit, and that we agree we she can wear. We are fighting over my desire to keep her a little girl, and her desire to wear high heels and make up.

We have engaged the services of a babysitter, who so far, while stretching the budget has been worth every cent to make sure we can keep the balls in the air.

And it’s this babysitter who is allowing us to head out in a few weeks to the theatre. Just husband and I. A rare treat. It’s been a long time since we had a sitter that wasn’t family, yet who could manage the ups and downs that being with Poss can bring. She is good. She is patient. She is kind. She reminds me very much of another girl that we lost to the wilds of Africa, then Darwin.


Anyway, we will be heading to see Slava’s Snowshow. It’s about a clown. Like a circus, in the Cirque du Soileil style. There is snow. It’s supposed to be delightful according to the reviews. Husband has never been to the circus before. I am not sure if this is what he will be expecting, but I am sure it will be “full of wonderment”. Or that’s what they say anyway.

Lucky you, I am also giving you the chance to come along. I have a double pass for Wednesday 17th July at 7.30pm in Melbourne.

To win these tickets valued at $158.00, simply tell me about a babysitting experience you’ve had – good or bad.

The finer details…

Entry is open to anyone who can attend the 7.30 pm session of SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne on 17th July. Winners will be provided with two (2) tickets. To enter you must provide a comment below sharing a babysitting experience. Entries close at 5pm on Friday 5th July. The winner will be notified by email. Images in this post used with permission.

Disclaimer – In exchange for sharing this post and running this giveaway, we are being provided with complimentary tickets to attend Slava’s Snowshow.

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  1. Nadine costelow says:

    I have to admit we have been very blessed (or maybe just lucky!) but we have only ever had positive, drama free experiences with babysitters. Except for one eventful day when my mum was babysitting my youngest, he was holding keys when she put him in his carseat, shut the door, he hit button…. Locked car, young baby, hot day! Had to break window to get to him! Lol

  2. Sounds like your holidays are going well and very sensible to have an easy week to rest and restore! We’ve dived right in and headed to the big city with a bunch of highly excited and tired kids. Day 1 was…interesting lol
    As for the babysitter experience, we haven’t gone there for a loooong time! When my eldest was a baby she would not sleep unless she was held and without a doubt the babysitter would know better and try to put her down. Then we’d get the phonecall.

  3. We don’t do the babysitting thing often but I’m reminded of a day when we both had to work a few hours, and left miss 5 in the care of my child-free brother. Had a phone call a few hours in wanting to know “if it was okay if he left her in the car whilst he popped into Bunnings, because it would be so much easier”. Learning curve occurred!

  4. Ruth Henwood says:

    My parents deserve a mention here as they had the whole babysitting thing worked out for my brother and I. Back in the late 70’s we lived in NZ and when they had a party or gathering to attend they would leave my five year old brother in charge, I was two. They would put us both to sleep and they would creep in and out without us even knowing. But, to keep us safe they left the front door unlocked so we could “escape” if need be!! Love them X

  5. My ONE and ONLY babysitting adventure was when I was 18 years old. This is about me babysitting and not being sat. All I can say was there was a cut foot, pizza for dinner, movies until the parents were pulling into the driveway and me (the babysitter) having to sit on one of the children to stop it fighting with the other brother. Oh, and the dog did a pee all over the new carpet they had had laid the week of. I stayed over and vowed NEVER again would I babysit. They cured me for life.

  6. I have so many stories and experiences l could share here as l provide nanny / babysitting services for a number of families currently and have done so for more than 8 years. I started out being a on call babysitter for my children (grand children) I would never say ‘no’ as it was always a great excuse to spend quality time with my grand kids and help my sons and daughter out at the same time. As my grandchildren have grown the need for babysitting has declined, but my love for children in general and the enjoyment l get from singing songs to children who are too young to realise how bad a singer l am is terrific fun. I guess this was a strong contributor to me becoming a ‘nanny for hire’. Being a nanny is great for many reasons, one being the mere fact that l can provide care for children and help entertain and educate young kiddies again, and the bonus is l actually get paid for doing it. For parents, grandparents and even mature teenagers who wish to work as a nanny or babysitter there are so many ways to find families who will appreciate your services and are more than happy to pay you for doing what you love (well you should love it, if not don’t do it) I am registered on a number of nanny and babysitter websites which do help me to find the odd job here and there, my personal favourite is one called babysitter Search, I have inserted the website address in the field above so l assume people can easily find it. Anyway there are truly so many good places to advertise your desire to be a nanny or babysitter.

    I just realised my babysitting story was more of a biography on myself, apologies if l bored anyone, hope my reply helps atleast one person out there, Thank-You all very much

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