I think it suits her

Poss' Hair cut

Around this time last year, Poss wanted a fringe. She wanted it so badly, but it was such a drastic cut, I begged her wait until school holidays and I promised to take her then. I reasoned with her that, by waiting until the holidays, if she didn’t like it, it would have plenty of time to grow out.

First day of holidays came. We didn’t go the hairdressers. She cut it herself.

This year, she has been leading up to wanting her hair all cut off. Short. It’s a blessing in the sense that hopefully we will be able to better manage the brushing routine in the mornings (which is a sensory nightmare), but I was hesitant as she really does have beautiful hair and I was worried such a dramatic change might upset her.

But to avoid a repeat of last year, I made the appointment and off we went to see Jody for a cut. Jody has been cutting her hair for a while now, so there is a trust there that is really nice to see. I am not sure that she would have let anyone else do it to be honest.

She was nervous on the way there, fidgeting and in her words – stressy, but I swear, that child is swooshing around like she has just been crowned queen of the world.

She loves her new hair. She says it feels lighter, she can brush it herself and she is already loving the fact that I don’t need to actually touch it to put it up each day.

And you know what, I think it suits her.

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  1. It really suits her and I love the positive impact it’s already having on both of you. One less stress in the morning!
    Caroline recently posted..Crystal ClearMy Profile

  2. I think it suits her too! I hope it makes life a little easier for you both!
    jody recently posted..Weekly StillsMy Profile

  3. Love it. It does suit her, and if it makes things easier for both of you, all the better.
    Naomi recently posted..I think I found ChristmasMy Profile

  4. What a beautiful smile and I love the hair cut short.
    I remember the knotty hair post too; my daughter is similar to Poss with her hair, although she is not quite three. She has a fringe but we’re not sure if we let the rest grow or keep it short. The Mummy me wants to see her gorgeous curls long; but I’m not sure that outweighs the stress.
    Glad she loves her cut and brushing is more manageable now.
    Carly@Charlie&Bella recently posted..wordless wednesday. first toothMy Profile

  5. I love the new haircut- just like I told the Poss herself 🙂 and she seems very pleased with it too. You are lucky she initiated it- because we have the precise opposite problem here- someone wants to be Rapunzel yet despite beautiful hair it is superfine and unmanageable 🙁 the tussles in the morning are horrid.
    Twitchy recently posted..Birthday Cake and Magic Bubble BalloonsMy Profile

  6. It looks really nice, fits her and she has this bright smile

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