If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

If you don't laugh, you'll cry

I have a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times. I am the one giggling at a funeral or finding the funny in death. I am the type who tries to makes light of the dark, not because I don’t believe it to be dark, but purely because I can’t see. The laughter helps light the way.

It’s that old saying, if I don’t laugh, I will cry.

So I laugh.

Sometimes at the frustration of my child. Sometimes she says something so absurd my automatic response is laughter. Sometimes she says something so shocking, so horrid, it’s my response as well. She hates it; yells at me, screams at me “STOP laughing at me”. Which of course generally only serves to increase the giggles. And to infuriate her further.

I don’t mean to be mean. I don’t mean to be callous or unthoughtful. But I get how it comes across like that. I can understand how frustrating it would be. I try not to. But it’s one of those things, generally the more you try to swallow it, the more you laugh.

Sometimes people don’t know how to take it. I am sure they think “why is this crazy lady laughing about this? It’s really not a laughing matter”. In fact I know they do. They tell me they won’t minute the giggles or my lame attempts at jokes into the notes. Which is kind of them.

Because some days, if I don’t laugh, I will cry.

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  1. You have the best laugh xxx
    Caroline recently posted..Mental Health, My Story ~ JuneMy Profile

  2. traceyb65 says:

    my poor Miss9 gets nervous giggles when anyone asks her if she is telling the truth … doesn’t help her case much :/ at least it puts a tick in the ‘not crying’ column. xt

  3. Thus is me too. It just kinda slips out, huh? I hope we are never in a situation together where a serious response is necessary… cause I’d say you’ll find us both giggling in the corner… X
    Bec | Mumma Tells recently posted..A {little} Big Belated MilestoneMy Profile

  4. i do this too. i have struggled so much in my life with anxiety and shed enough tears for a lifetime i think, so sometimes i will have a gasping snort laugh at things that i see or hear and struggle to get the right reaction on my face and into my head. it’s not really helpful for Nemo whose inappropriate responses especially to things on the news make me fear that he’ll get himself very misunderstood when he starts having them more ‘outside’. but we do what we can, Renee..
    so sometimes I laugh and then Nemo makes a comment that is understandable ONLY if you know almost everything he knows and are willing to think around 15 corners. it’s not really unrelated or inappropriate, seen like that. and i still have to say : when people talk about death, you can’t say this please. it will hurt them. And Nemo : “YOU just laughed about it!!?
    nikki recently posted..DAILY AUTISM – sleep 3/3 : compay segundo or sleep todayMy Profile

  5. Me too!
    Mine dropped an entire plate of spaghetti bolognaise right into the middle of my bed- on my doona! So she went to get more and then dropped that too. Of course I was in hysterics, grabbing the phone to capture the moment as I let my dog eat the spaghetti from my bed.
    Her response was the same as always- STOP LAUGHING AT ME bursting into tears wailing.
    Our psychologist, after listening to me recant the story in fits of laughter, along with photo props and all, calmly enquiries HOW could I see the funny side, she would have been furious.

    I guess the old adage left out that bit- anger. I’d rather see the funny side than get stressed and lose it at her. So for me, it’s don’t swear the small stuff.
    Even if it is a REALLY big plate!!

  6. always up for sharing a giggle with you. #FTS

  7. I am just the same. I don’t know any other way.. x
    Naomi recently posted..Mornings, just stop it.My Profile

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