In debt

In debt 1

It’s been a crazy few weeks. School is back and with it, the routine. But also lunch boxes, training for athletics, uniforms, washing, fights over shoes and tights that seem to get more holes in them than really seems possible.

I’ve also been traveling. Not far, just interstate. But far enough that I can’t just up and head home when I’ve had enough. Far enough that I need to catch a plane, and a taxi. Far enough that I’m walking down long hallways to lounges and gates well before Poss is awake.

Husband does his thing and keeps the house running. And every time I return and they’re all still functioning, I wonder how did I get so lucky.

I shouldn’t worry. I know it’s fine. I know they’re fine. But guilt and worry is what I do best, and any time work seems to outweigh home, it’s as though it all ramps up a few notches and consumes any waking moment, when my mind has a moment to wander.

So when we have a chance to do something together that sort of combines work with home, then I tend to try and grab onto it. As if to try and make up the balance somehow, which is ridiculous. But there you go. Logic doesn’t play well with mummy guilt.

In debt 2

That led us to hanging out on the MCG today undertaking an Amazing Race of sorts. Following a series of clues around the grounds, down underneath and into the change rooms, and then out onto the ground where Poss was allowed to kick a football through the goals.

We ate lunch out of the wind, and then watched the game in comfort, away from the crowds. There, but not. Warm, comfortable and close enough to be part of it, but a sensory haven. Spoilt for normal games forever from now on.

A day for the three of us to connect again, to lose ourselves in the fun of the game for a bit. To not worry about lunch boxes, schedules and meetings, to just be surrounded by other fans, families and friends. To try and capture these moments and squish them in tight so we don’t lose them.

The balance is still probably not right. I’m still probably in debt, which is secret tally calculated only in my head. But today went some way to make it up to my little AFL fan, and her dad.

I’ll take it.


Note – We were lucky enough to be invited to this #BupaFamilyFun event put on by Bupa as I work there, but I was under no obligation to blog about it. We just had a great day, so I’m sharing it. 

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