In sickness…


It’s been an odd old week, with Poss and I fighting off a virus that seems to have been determined to suck any sort of life out of us both. The kind where you’re fighting off shakes, sweats and the simple act of sitting on the couch needs an hour nap to recover.

There’s been snot, headaches, and too many tissues being left on every available surface, and they’re not even all mind. The joys of being sick at the same time as the tween.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, which pleases me no end. The gaps between cold and flu medication are getting longer, and a shower no longer seems like it will require herculean strength.

So it seems like the perfect time to focus on the good things. Maybe that will help the recovery? Or maybe I’m just sick of whining about being sick…

  • Monster pets. What is this, you might be asking. Well, the very talented Rory Lefroy (who you can find on Instagram as @Samedog) took on the challenge to turn some pets into monsters for Halloween, and Poppy was lucky enough to be chosen. Not only was she turned into a monster, but a monster that is available on a bunch of merch. Pleasing.
  • Homework. Now, I never thought I’d be adding this to the mix, but Poss has managed to smash her homework the past week or so and has been rewarded with a certificate at assembly for her efforts. I’m not expecting it to last, but hey, it’s pleasing while it’s here.
  • Lists. Seriously, it’s just over a week until I go away. I’ve got lists happening all over the place. To do lists, lists for husband for while I’m away, lists for packing, lists for shopping… I’m feeling a tad out of control and the lists are the only thing keeping me sane.
  • Caramel slice. I can’t remember when I last made, or ate, caramel slice, but I saw it on my Instagram feed and had to have it. So it’s now in my fridge, calling me and encouraging me to scoff the lot, which is exceptionally pleasing.
  • Corner work. After last week’s Crit race, Poss was informed by her coach that she can’t corner. This was displeasing, and resulted in cries of protest. So he spoke to me about it instead, and gave us a mission to get her practising. Which she’s done. Amazingly so. And as well as her cornering improving, it’s also given the whole family an opportunity to stand out in the middle of the street, pretending we know what we’re talking about, as we offer her tips. Pleasing indeed.

What’s been pleasing (or particularly displeasing) for you this week? Are you a list person? Should I just forget about it and eat the caramel slice instead?

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