Keep the same the same.

Keep the same the same.

Holidays are both a blessing and a curse in this house. Something to look forward to with anticipation and also a touch of dread. Because so often in our house, new means different, and different means bad. And holidays, by their very nature usually mean new.

New routines, new places, new foods, new smells. All the newness can be equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming, depending on your perspective. A chance to explore a whole new world, or an assault on everything you know to be true.

So while we desperately need a break sometimes and escape to somewhere that’s not our living room; I know that it can be touch and go as to whether we’ll come back rested or more exhausted.

The past few years we’ve attempted an overseas holiday. Not far – Bali or Fiji, but the differences to home are stark, plentiful and wonderful. But too much for Poss. So this year, we decided to stay closer to home and explore some of our own backyard. So to speak.

On Saturday morning the alarm went off at 3:30am. I make it a rule to never get up when there is a three at the start of the time. Because it’s the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. But get up we did. And by the time the sun came up, we’d been in the air for over an hour.

Landing in Queensland, the warmth of the sun hit our backs as we walked over the tarmac. Layers were stripped off before we hit the terminal. Bags collected and piled into the hire car, we found our hotel and unpacked, all before we’d often get out of bed if we were at home.

A lazy brunch, an afternoon sleep and a swim for Poss were about all we could manage on day one. Getting up in the middle of the night will do that to you.

It’s been a big term. A half a year is now tucked under our belts, with only another half to go before we face into the world of high school and leave the relative safety of primary school behind. There will be changes, transitions, things we’ll all have to adjust to.

So for now, we’ll enjoy this pause. This lazy break, filled with long days of very little.  Seeking rest, quiet and recharge. Trying to the differences to a minimum, to keep the same as same as possible and cushion Poss from a world that often seems as though it’s out to unbalance her.

And sneak in a few gins by the pool along the way.

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