Learning knife skills

learning knife skills

Over the past couple of weeks, Poss has been showing an interest in cooking. As a woman who has very little interest in cooking, other than to eat the results, this is new for me. But I am running with it.

There are life skills that need to be taught, it’s probably our responsibility and who knows, one day she might cook me dinner. Worth a shot anyway.

She is funny to watch while she cooks. We have started with the basics, chopping vegetables, lining up the ingredients, following recipes. I really have no idea; I moved out of home young and honestly was lucky to be able to cook toast. I hope I am starting at the start.

But Poss is, as always, leaps ahead of me and seems to have learned some skills via YouTube. Or that’s where I assume she learned them. She is great at commentating each step, exactly like a cooking show; “you’ll need three mushrooms. I like to look for this colour when I select my mushrooms, and I find that this is the easiest way to chop them”.

Tonight as she chopped away, she asked me why girls don’t have good knife skills. “I don’t know,” I answered. “Where would you hear such a thing?” I asked. “On the TV” she replied. “On the ads, where they say men are better cooks than girls”.

I asked her what she thought about that. Were men really better cooks than women? Really? I asked her about the only chef she knows, and she answered with the name of a good friend of mine; a chef at one of our favourite restaurants, who also happens to be a woman.

We talked about knife skills for a bit longer and decided that a girl should be just as good with a knife as a man if she wants to be. In fact, girls should be able to do all the same things that a man can do. And men should be able to do all the things a woman can do.

Although we both agreed that maybe Daddy shouldn’t try to wear a bikini, because that would be silly and he should probably avoid high heels, as his balance isn’t great.

Then we talked about advertising and how sometimes it lies. She asked me why and I couldn’t really answer, other than to tell her that people wanted to sell things, so sometimes lying about it was how they did it. She then wisely threw a barrage of advertisements featuring everything from lollies through to cars at me that she thought were full of lies. She was right about all of them.

By that stage, we were browning onions. The scent was enough to make our eyes water. She asked if we were done, she’d had enough, her concentration span was spent. She thanked me for teaching her how to chop mushrooms.

I thanked her for just being her.

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  1. What a great time you shared !!! K has only in the last 6-8 months started to learn how to cook – basically because we told her at 20 she could cook (first) one meal a week and is now cooking twice a week. Sometimes her choice of meal to cook is a little strange but she is certainly making an effort and we can’t ask for more than that.
    I love how positive Poss is about cooking – a beautiful post.
    Have the best day !
    Me recently posted..I Must Confess …………….My Profile

  2. What a gorgeous story. xx

  3. If only life could be like that all the time… Wonderful.
    Mine also suddenly had the cooking bug, from watching that kids master chef show. She has the knack! Only the little things- like ever since she discovered expiry dates, she is obsessed with checking them. So when she was getting ready to cook scrambled eggs for brekky, she grabbed one of our chook laid eggs from the fridge. I had gone into the lounge room to turn the telly off.

    Now there must be something wrong with our chooks’ ‘bums’ because not one of those eggs had an expiry date on them. Believe me, she looked.

    So I turn back from the telly and here she is behind me… ‘Mum can you smell this and tell me if its good’ them bam- two hands full of the contents of the egg shoved up my nose. Literally!!
    Egg dripping on the floor.. Up my nose…

    • Oh god Trine – I can just picture it! We haven’t had the expiry date conversation yet, but she is pretty obsessive about checking the milk and I often get it shoved up my nose first thing in the morning. Thankfully it’s a little less messy than eggs!
      Renee recently posted..Waking earlyMy Profile

  4. love those conversations that come about, found you via my lovely friend Hannah x
    Rach recently posted..AutumnMy Profile

  5. You know.. I think that master chef ad is meant to be so thick that really no one needs to complain about it. But it’s true for kids, and even more so for our literal thinking kids, it’s probably less obvious…
    Also bravo for spending time cooking together, I think it’s so important, boy or girl, and it’s quality time spend with them. I used to cook with or watch my mum and chat… We do it now on and off for years with Nemo. The really sharp knife for onions was a big step only recently here too!
    Either way, I was shocked to find my stepson a few years ago unable to peel a potatoes with a peeler – at 18 yo ! – and that’s not gonna happen to my son.
    nikki recently posted..The a.card or how not to make friends.My Profile

    • That ad does get under my skin, but you are right, it’s so ridiculous it really needn’t.

      And only learning how to peel a potato at 18? Sounds like someone is on potato duty for the foreseeable future to gain skills!
      Renee recently posted..Waking earlyMy Profile

  6. Love this, Renée. I know a {little} Big Girl who loves being in the kitchen already… but all she does at the moment is “mix, mix, mix”, which is usually her alphabet magnets in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Maybe this is a sneak peak into my future? But, I must admit, teaching knife skills concerns me… I’m pretty scared of our knives… they’re very sharp… haha! X
    Bec | Mumma Tells recently posted..When Ordinary is ExtraordinaryMy Profile

    • Oh that’s too sweet Bec! I remember when Poss was happy to just stir magnets… I don’t feel comfortable with her using knives – but I guess she has to learn some time!
      Renee recently posted..Waking earlyMy Profile

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