Missing Spongebob

After three days in and out of hospital with Poss, we are home, hopefully this time for more than a few hours.

We have a diagnosis, in fact we have two. Neither really make a lot of sense to me, as she isn’t really displaying their traditional symptoms, but hey, I am not a doctor and there is only so many times you can insist they look harder.

She is stable; we hope to have passed the worst of it and no more blood seems to be coming from where blood should not come.

So she is in our bed, lethargic, sore and dizzy, not having eaten anything more than a quarter of a jam sandwich since Friday. Her tummy is still very sore, a stabby pain, she says.

But on the plus side, she is drinking again and we even got some apple juice into her last night. And there were some giggles this morning. I am counting that as a win.

Hopefully the impressive amount of medications she is on work together to continue that up-swing.

In the meantime, due to the fact the TV in our bedroom doesn’t have Foxtel, and Poss doesn’t want to lie on the couch, I am watching more Playschool than I ever thought possible, and have even been introduced to Giggle and Hoot.

I never thought I would miss Spongebob so much.

sick spongebob sick poss

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  1. Cheapy DVD player to save your sanity?

    Glad to hear she is home and at least drinking. How are YOU holding up?
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..Turkish Delight cake – Birthday Week Continues: Happy Birthday Daddy!My Profile

    • Oh I was just a mean mum and made her move to the couch! And as for me, I am living on brownies and chocolate. Cos that’s how I role. xx

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