Out of control?

out of control

Do you ever have the feeling like you’re out of control? Forgetting the important things, but oddly, the random facts still remain. I think it’s probably a symptom of doing too much, too much on my mind, simply just too much.

This week, I’ve managed to drop the ball on a stupid amount of things for Poss. It’s already shaping up to be one of those weeks when you get to the end and wonder how you all skidded to the end without crashing. And it’s only the middle of the week.

  • Firstly I missed the ILP meeting. In almost four years of school, I’ve never missed one. I know it’s the last one at this school, but I wanted to make sure had closed everything out. Instead we got an emailed copy of the report, which I guess is better than nothing.
  • Monday was a curriculum day. I didn’t realise this until the weekend when I asked Poss to get me her lunchbox for Monday. Seems she didn’t need it.
  • Despite the extra day at home, her uniform (yes, the backup as well) stayed crumpled in a ball in the washing basket until this morning, when it was quickly sprayed with Febreze, given an iron and thrown at Poss to put on.
  • Then I thought I would get organised early and dry-clean Poss’ blazer and winter tunic, ready for the second hand stall at the end of the year. Completely forgetting they have a choir performance this week and she will need the blazer. Oops.
  • We ran out of sticky tape, and we had two birthday parties this weekend. One gift was given in a brown paper lunch bag covered in stickers, the other in a recycled gift bag. I’m calling it creative. Poss called it shabby.
  • The invite for final school get together for the year came through; just as I realised I am away this weekend and we won’t be able to go. Another point down for bad mummy.

That’s a pretty impressive list even if I do say so myself. Time to prioritise and cancel some things; make room in my clearly crowded head before all my blog posts start to resemble shopping and to-do lists. And that’s no fun for anyone.

Tell me, what have you forgotten this week?

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  1. Wow – if you do a thing you do it with style Renee.

    I am impressed with your quick thinking and use of Febreeze, might keep that tip in the back of my mind πŸ˜‰

    Let’s hope the week improves!
    Karen recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  2. Sharron Redmond says:

    I have forgotten the instructions to my brain. My husband lost his job about a month ago and I seem to have become his very own PA . I think its because I obsess over the slightest thing , such as appointments with the increasingly infuriating Centrelink and job applications and resumes etc etc etc . Just pray that he gets a job soon before I lose my mind completely or my house πŸ™ . Positive thinking begone. Everyone tells me to be optimistic but as I tell them my brsin doesn’t work that way I am very much a realist . There is hope for you yet my Bugg’s πŸ˜‰

  3. it’s definitely the time of year for winging it. Hang in there you’re not alone.
    Mandy recently posted..Christmas Giveaway ~ VTech Innotab 3SMy Profile

  4. I left the house without the medicare receipt today, so I drove back home with the twins to grab it. Drove out to the first of my errands and as we were headed to medicare, remembered I had forgotten my wallet with my medicare card. Back home and more things are going wrong…things have been going pear shaped for a while now!
    Rachel recently posted..Summer Survival Kit for Sensory Processing DisorderMy Profile

  5. I hear you! Running to catch my tail all week. Scheduled a trip to Melbourne on our only free weekend pre Christmas. What-s with that??????
    Alli @ ducks on the dam recently posted..Cool breezesMy Profile

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