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Poss is a chewer. She always has been, and I’m not sure she will ever really stop. Nails, t-shirts, pens, cords… anything that stands still long enough is in danger really.

Apparently it’s not just a habit, in fact it’s to do with her sensory profile, she simply has a need to chew. It’s soothing for her; the pressure it causes in her jaw, right through into her ears, is calming.

We’ve found ways to get around it in the past, finding healthy outlets because there’s only so many cords you can chew before things go wrong. The best results so far have come from chewing gum, which her very first OT recommended years ago. However, we limit it only to the car (because, honestly, who wants to be dealing with chewing gum all over the house) and it’s really not enough.

Over the past few months, we’ve had holes in collars and sleeves, the more stressed she is, the more she seems to do it. So when the lovely people at Chewigem contacted me about their chewable jewellery, it sounded like a good option to try.

We’ve had them a few weeks now, in fact we were meant to do this review just before she went into hospital in the first week of term, so we’ve had lots of time to trial them 😉 Some of the bracelets have ended up in her pencil case at school for her to use during the day, while the necklace is always close by when she’s at home.

It’s all well and good for me to tell you about them, but Poss does such a great job, we decided she could tell you herself.

Now the best part… we have a pack of Chewigems to give away! Included is exactly what Poss shows in the video, along with another few bracelets (which we couldn’t show because they’re in her desk). The pack is valued at over $70.

All you have to do is tell me… what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found your kids (or yourself!) chewing?

And for those of you not lucky enough to win this time around, the lovely folk at Chewigem are offering FREE SHIPPING with code AAB14.
Simply select standard shipping and enter the code at checkout and the offer is valid until 31/03/14

Disclosure – Chewigems provided us with some product to trial and a fee in exchange for this review. As always, our opinions can”t be bought. The giveaway will run from Feb 26th 2014 until 5th March 2014. 

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  1. That’s great that you’ve found something for Poss to chew that she really likes!
    My Xas is a chewer & we’ve found her chewing on everything! The strangest was when we were packing up the house to move & found large gnawing marks on her bed rails! I think we should take Poss’ advice and get our Xas some Chewigems for bedtime.
    Thanks for the review Poss & Renee, I will definitely go check out their website.

  2. Here!!
    Oh, I’d really love to try those. Have been looking into different websites but I find it hard to chose and some do not recommend for ‘older (stronger) chewers..?
    Nemo chews his collar, bottletops, pens – and the grippy part of his scissors! 0_0
    I encourage him to chew on one particular rubbery pen we have, but the best material seems to be a very bizarly shaped pokemon toy from macDo ..it has lots of pointy bits though and I really can’t send it to school with him, it covers his whole face when he chews it, it looks kinda odd..
    nikki recently posted..Breathe deeply and count to 10…?My Profile

  3. I’m so glad you’ve found something that works for Poss, that she likes! Our Xas is a chewer and we’ve found chewed up things of hers everywhere! The weirdest was when we were packing up the house to move and discovered gnaw marks on her bed rails! I think we’ll need to take Poss’ advice and get her something to chew at bedtime! Thanks for the review Renee & Poss. I’ll definitely go check out their website now.

  4. Mary Preston says:

    My daughter twirls, sucks and chews her hair. Love to try these.


  5. Boo ate a coffee table. True story.

    Just checked out the website, I reckon he would wear the dog tags but the others are a little girly for a 15 year old boy ya know? He currently eats blu tac, the teachers are at their wits end wondering what to stick posters and schedules to the walls with!
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..TMIMy Profile

  6. Anna Donald says:

    My son has picked up bottle tops from the ground durning walks, has chewed on a corner of my new kitchen bench but the best was when he tore the spines off four library books and chewed on the cardboard. Yes, four books. Yes it did cost a bit in library fines. Sigh.

  7. Sharron Redmond says:

    I chew anything and everything but probably the weirdest thing is my the ends of my long hair ….which doesnt do the ends any good now does it . These sound wonderful as some of adults still like to or dont even know we are chewing when we are stressed . Love your review Poss ..youre a star 😀

  8. How about the time Harper almost bit my nipple off when I was feeding her? Unpleasant

  9. I can’t think of the weirdest thing but it totally annoys me that with all the stuff Popps chews she mainly wants her fingers – every night I have to beg her to use a fork rather than her fingers. She has even come to love the taste of that foul paint you put on fingernails.

  10. My son’s chewing has become extreme since starting school. He chews everything! Buttons on his school shirt, hat cord, his bag straps (!)his pencil case. The other day I peeked into his classroom and there he was, bent over chewing the cord on his shorts. Took all my willpower not to rap on the window, shouting Get that thing out of your mouth!!

  11. My little one is a bit of a sensory seeker I think… She loves to lick my arms (ewww, yuk, I know), and constantly chews one of her thumbnails, but whenever I stand still long enough she is chewing on my dress. Can get a little embarrassing, like this morning dropping her big brother at school, as usual she was chewing on my dress, I sat down to read him a book, and when I stood up there was a wet patch on the lounge from my wet chewed on dress! I felt so awful and I didn’t know what to do so I just made a quick getaway :o/ I keep thinking I need to try to transfer her chewing to something more ‘user friendly’. These look great!

  12. Both of my kids chew their fingers, arms, hair and clothes. Last week after getting sore eyes at swimming I told them I would buy new goggles next time (last ones ended up broken from being chewed and I hadn’t got them new ones because while they like the idea of no water in their eyes, they don’t like the feeling of goggles on their heads!). My son said “OK, but I will just eat them!” I said you will eat them? And he said yep, they are just so tempting! This from the child that rarely eats actual food!

  13. I was visiting my sister in law at her work at a jewellery shop one day. I had my son in a pram parked next to the counter. We were discussing how often she has to clean the counters because of so many people touching the glass. She was telling me about how sometimes kids lick the glass. I shuddered and said “who would let their child do that? Ew!” Of course, as I say that I glance over at my son who was licking and trying to chew the glass at that exact moment. Oops…

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