Right now, that’s enough.

Right now, that's enough.

You know those weeks when you feel like you waver between waving and drowning? Yeah. That was this week just gone.

Highest of highs, with projects that we’ve been working on for months being launched into the world, days spent with some of my favourite bloggers and most respected industry peeps, and seeing the team I work with achieve some amazing things.

Watching my sister dance on stage in her year 12 school production. Lighting up those around her as she sings and dances with a grace that I can only ever envy from afar, while another of my sisters manned the backstage crew, ensuring a seamless show from start to finish to a standard that’s comparable to a professional musical.

Pride bursting as I realise how grown up they both are, yet still wearing matching fluffy blue dressing gowns, as they come in for a snuggle with their oldest sister and only niece.

This was balanced with low lows; a mind that felt like it was made of cotton wool more frequently than I feel comfortable with, long sleepless nights and unexpected (although I guess they’re almost always unexpected) phone calls from school that reached in and seemingly yanked us back years in Poss’ development.

While the lows may not have been as many in number, the weight of them seems to be sitting heavily on my shoulders.

These things always seem so much harder when you’re already just keeping your head above water, so I’m trying to remember it will look brighter after a good nights sleep. And maybe a few gins. Or something like that.

I should probably end this post with some sort of inspirational quote about how we’ll battle on through and it will all be better. Or a meme. Or a beautiful picture of a sunset or some such shit. But to be honest, I just can’t.

So instead, I promise to have a day. Then follow it up with another day. And soon enough I’ll have managed to tuck a week away. And then we’ll be a week away from here. And who knows, maybe the highs will have outweighed the lows by then.

But if not, we’ll just keep having days. And right now, that’s enough.


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  1. Here for your days.
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