Saturday mornings mean eggy toast

We have a lot of routines in our house. Schedules and routines. It works for Poss and I have to be honest, it works for me too. I am a girl with a plan. It sometimes drives husband nuts, he is more a ‘just get on with it’ kinda guy. But he puts up with my plans and my scheduling knowing it works best for our little family.

Sometimes the scheduling causes me stress. I struggle when the plans don’t go…well according to plan. I hate when the schedule is disrupted.

Like most people, there are times when I can’t plan. I can’t foresee what’s coming next, I don’t have a crystal ball. This is when my anxiety etches up a notch or two. I once had someone, who was very close to me at the time, say Β “I know you can’t cope with ambiguity – but that’s really your problem, not mine”. It was almost spat at me. We are no longer close (for lots of reasons, but this is one).

There are some plans though, simple ones that have become routine. Every Saturday morning, Poss requests ‘eggy toast’. It’s not hard (but she is precise, they have to be ‘perfect’), simply softly poached eggs on toast. Cut into little pieces, with runny yolk. Served with a hot chocolate and a coffee for mummy. Such a simple routine, but one that brings such joy to Poss. We sit together and eat our eggy toast. It’s a lovely way to start the weekend.

(this is not my picture – but you get the idea!)

What little routines do you have in your house?

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  1. We do ‘eggy bread’ – butter one side of bread, cut out a hole in the middle, put it in the pan, crack an egg in the middle, cook a bit, turn it over, cook a bit, eat, yum! Every Saturday. Sometimes Sunday too if we’re not having pancakes.

    Other little routines are eating breakfast then it’s always off to hang out with the chickens. Reading before bed. Talking about our ‘best bit, worst bit, thing you’re looking forward to’ at the very end of the day. So many!

    Maxabella recently posted..52 Weeks of Grateful: CourageMy Profile

    • We do a similar thing to your best bits, worst bits – we do good things, bad things! Love that part of our routine each night.

      Oh and I would love chickens… so much fun!

  2. What a lovely way to start the weekend πŸ™‚
    Marita recently posted..Autism Hero HighlightsMy Profile

    • Thanks Marita – we enjoy it and it’s nice to have something to look forward to on the weekends, with the weekday morning routines so full on!

  3. We don’t have a routine as such but we do start the day with Green Smoothies, and a Coffee (for hubby and I). Then our boys have either Corn Flakes, French Toast, Toast, or dipping eggs! We love to start the day off with sleep ins on the weekends but that rarely happens in our home πŸ™‚

    Must say that if we have a cooked breaky I love poached eggs.
    Lisa Wood recently posted..The Grass Is Always Greener on the other SideMy Profile

  4. My Boo has a two time rule, if you do it the same way twice then it is written in stone.

    So we try to avoid strict routines as much as possible. Which drives me bananas cause I LIKE routine!

    And now I want poached eggs on thick toast with lots of pepper… hmmmm tomorrow is Sunday.

    kelley @ recently posted..I shall give this one a free pass… but this is the ONLY time cause it made me snort coffee out my nose. Anyone else says this shit to me they will get a punch in ALL OF THE ORIFICES. Thrice.My Profile

    • That’s funny – a two time rule. I am pretty sure that Poss abides by that too! We do have to be careful ensure we mix things up a bit, or it causes much upset if it can’t happen….

      Hope you got your poached eggs this morning!

  5. We love routine at our house too, I think it helps the little ones to know what to expect, gives them a sense of security somewhat. Hubs makes poached eggs on toast every sunday morning {only because I start work early on saturday so can’t do it then!} Such a lovely day to start the day!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend. xx
    jody recently posted..{this moment}My Profile

    • You are so right – knowing what to expect makes life so much easier! Poached eggs on toast – a serious favourite in our house too… looking forward to enjoying them tomorrow!


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