Situation normal.

Situation normal: after a visit to Sydney back to Melbourne

I’m a Melbourne girl through and through. We’ve tried living in other states; but Melbourne has my heart. I can’t even really explain it… maybe the preference for black clothing? The awesome coffee? The cooler weather? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s home.

But this weekend past, I travelled to my sisters world; one filled with waterfront views, large sweeping vistas filled with world renowned landmarks. While we expected a weekend of gallery visits, maybe a massage and some good dining, she made me do the equivalent of a Tough Mudder course, dragging us through a National Park, all in the name of nature.

While the actual nature was a bit thin on the ground, we did see lots of birds. They swooped in front of us, flying on the wind, twisting and turning. Mum and Claire tried to claim they were leading us, dancing alongside us as we walked.

However they were a bit too Mockingjay for me to truly enjoy their beauty; I suspect they were trying to trip us over the cliff edge, that they so gracefully balanced on.

At one point, I was sliding down what can only be described as a small cliff on my bum, because apparently I’m not a mountain goat. Luckily my sturdy chubby legs held strong and helped me traverse the terrain, although not without much complaint.

We survived and thankfully, after much testing, I can confirm that the gin is just as good in Sydney as it is in Melbourne. Although more studies may need to be carried out on this, just to confirm. However, my sister has been sacked as activities director for all future visits.

On the upside, we discovered that the supermarkets in her part of the world are far more glamorous than our local. Who knew that a climate control cheese room was required in a supermarket? It probably isn’t… but then again, who doesn’t like cheese?

I arrived home last night to freezing winds, pouring rain and overwhelming love from Poss. She refused to talk to me on the phone while I was away; out of sight, out of mind. But she lavished me with attention… for all of about three minutes, before she found something to complain to me about.

There’ll be a bounce, there always is. I’ll pay for my break away. But in the meantime, I have good coffee and new black shoes to add to the collection. Situation normal.

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