Ten tips for Comic Con awesomeness

Ten tips for Comic Con awesomeness

On the weekend we made the leap and entered the world of Comic Con. It’s been something that Poss has wanted to do for some time, but in lieu of living in the US, where they seem to happen more frequently, we had to wait for the Melbourne one to roll around again.

In the weeks leading up to it, she tossed back and forth about dressing up and taking part in the whole CosPlay phenomenon, but in the end decided against it. I was ok either way (of course) but I agreed that for the first time we were going, to do so incognito, so to speak, might not be a bad thing.

As soon as we arrived, I was really pleased she made that decision. The costumes were nothing short of amazing, and it was hard not to stop every person and ask for a photo. Which, in and of itself, is why Poss probably would have struggled.

Ten tips for Comic Con awesomeness 2

But next year? Watch out. We now know what to expect, so will be prepared for it. I sense some new sewing skills being added to my repertoire.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips from Poss on how to prepare for the day.

Poss’ tips

  1. Make sure you do a lap of the whole venue before you by anything.
  2. Go with a merchandise budget and take cash. Things are expensive and not everyone takes card.
  3. Take your time; there’s lots to see and do.
  4. Remember, there’s a person under every costume, even the scary ones. It’s just good makeup, so there’s no need to be frightened.
  5. Don’t be shy – most people are happy to have photos, you just need to ask!

Ten tips for Comic Con awesomeness

I’ve also managed to include some tips from Annie, who’s mum writes over at Stuff with Thing. Annie did both days, one in a truly lovely costume (see the Stuff with Thing page for some pics) and one not, which sounds like a good balance to me.

Annie’s tips

  1. It’s very loud.
  2. People get very chatty but don’t worry they will be as nervous as you are.
  3. Take lots of water and food because it is expensive and the lines are looooong.
  4. Only one ATM was working and you have to have cash to pay for everything.
  5. Also it is really really awesome.

Annie’s final tip was echoed loudly from Poss. In fact, the word ‘awesome’, often accompanied with a sharp intake of breath or a dropped jaw, were the most common sounds as we walked the venue.

At one point we looked over to catch both Poss and her BFF, standing still, mouths agape, as they took it all in. The costumes, the games, the comics, the make up, the people. Husband and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile.

For a kid that sometimes stands out and struggles to find her place in the world, it was a bit like coming home.

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