Thankful Thursday – Handy helpers

In the lead up to Poss’ birthday, there was a lot of nagging talk about a catwalk. Not a red carpet, not some chairs arranged in a couple of rows but a ‘real’ catwalk. It needed screens, a backdrop and it had to be raised. Apparently a fashion party must have a catwalk.

You see, her grandpa made her a stage last year. Yep, you read that right – he made her a stage for her ballet party. For her and her friends to dance upon. So there was precedence. A challenge was set between the almost-7-year old and her grandpa.

Plans were drawn, a day was set aside. A team was assembled. They arrived onsite early and the construction began.

Sage Building Services constructing a catwalk

We were concerned at this point that we might have needed a planning permit…

Gracie hiding from the noise sage building services catwalk

Poss and Lucy dog on ‘site management’ duty

It's coming together - sage building services catwalk

This was about lunchtime, it was starting to take shape

Poss in the frames sage building services catwalk

Poss the poser – she can never resist and opportunity for a pic!

sage building services catwalk tool box

Almost done – still a toolbox or two to clean up!

Many hours later we ended up with this……………………….

The finished product sage building services catwalk

So today, linking up with Kate from Kate Says Stuff, I am thankful for my step-dad, Poss’ grandpa, Fred.

Not only is he a completely fabulous guy, he takes on her crazy challenges with a smile and is yet to let her down. He loves doing these things for his grandkids – he is building his other grandchild a wooden rocking horse as we speak! We wouldn’t swap him for the whole wide world.

Fred is a builder by trade (like a real proper builder, not just a catwalk, stage building builder), so if you are looking for a great builder, who is even open to building a little girls dream, you can contact him here at Sage Building Services.

For those party chicks that read my blog (and I know you are lurking out there), the catwalk and the background panels (which are all re-coverable in whatever fabric you like and can be separated) are all available for hire in Melbourne.


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  1. What a guy! And what vision! That is one fabulous catwalk. Poss is one fortunate little lady.
    Kate Sins recently posted..Dear Mother-in-law…My Profile

    • Isn’t she what?! Gotta love family… xxx

    • Awesome catwalk & awesome party šŸ™‚ Sorry for hijacking your comment box Renee – Kate, I just wanted to let you know your blog about your MIL has inspired me to write a thank you letter to my parents who were such a big help when our second child was born recently. So, thank you.

      • Thanks lovely Caro – and don’t worry, more than ok with you hijacking my comments to praise Kate! šŸ˜‰ xxx

      • So glad the post resonated – we are so lucky Caroline, both sets of parents are wonderful. They give so much of themselves to us, even when it’s inconvenient and requires so much juggling. I’m not going to show MIL the post (then she’d know about my blog) but am going to write her a letter too… (Sorry Renee – hijacking your blog!!) xx
        Kate Sins recently posted..Dear Mother-in-law…My Profile

  2. That is AWESOME!!

    My girl would love that so much. What a fantastic Grandpa <3
    katesaysstuff recently posted..Thankful Thursday: One moment in TimeMy Profile

  3. What an awesome grandpa and what a lucky girl! It’s all kinds of awesome that Poss’ dreams were realised.
    Cat recently posted..Recipe Tuesday: Batch cookingMy Profile

    • Thanks Cat – he is awesome and you are spot on, it was exactly what she wanted!! We can’t do some things – but when we can deliver, why not?!

  4. That is so cool!! I want to attend that party!

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