Tis the season

Tis the season 1

Christmas always comes a little late to our house. We don’t have many traditions, but waiting until after my birthday is one that I tend to insist on. Why? Because I’m a sook and don’t like to share my birthday. Petty? Absolutely.

But when Christmas does come, it comes with a bang. No flat surface of our house is immune to being decorated and even the front of the house gets a good going over. Sure, we’ll never be the Griswalds, or even as festive as some of our neighbours, but it doesn’t stop us trying.

Tis the season 3

Most years we buy a new ornament each to add to the ever growing box of Christmas decorations. This year Poss chose a new ornament for the tree, a dog one. I picked a bunny snow globe. So now both Poppy and Hugo are represented in our Christmas traditions, which is kind of nice.

Tis the season 2

They’re snuggled in against the ones have we’ve had since Poss was a baby. Some since before she was born. A history of our time as a family, all hanging on one tree.

Even though Christmas has been sneaking up for a while now, creeping in around the edges and popping up where you least expect it, with the setting up of the tree, it has officially arrived. Bringing with it joy, but also stress. ‘Tis the season after all.

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