While the husband is away…

While the husband is away...

Last week, for almost the whole week, Husband was away for work. I totally held my own and I’m proud to say that while one pot plant died, all the pets and probably more importantly, the child is still alive.

I’d like to say he was away attending a brilliant, thought provoking conference, but instead I’d suggest it was more a ‘team building’ event that seemed to involve a lot of hilarity and not a lot of work.

In fact, as if to prove this point, we received kept receiving text messages that started with “you’ll never believe what happened” and then ended with a variety of things from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Somehow, responding that Poppy got to try a new puppy perfume at the dog groomers didn’t quite compete.

I travel a bit for work, but it’s been a while since Husband has been away. And the last few times he has been, I’ve had his mum here helping me out.

This role reversal was slightly disconcerting and I’ve got more sympathy now for the fact that I’ve returned home more than once to a sink full of dishes. Other than the dishes, there were a few things I learned during this period of enforced ‘holding the fort’…

  1. I don’t know what day the bins go out. This resulted in the bins not going out. We now have full bins.
  2. Poss asks way too many questions. When there is two of us parents here, we can share the load, a bit like doubles tennis. But on my own, it was like she was Federer and I was Hewitt and there was no way I could respond effectively to them all.
  3. The only snoring I heard all week was baby snuffle snores from Poss. There wasn’t anything that resembled a freight train at all. I’m not saying these things are connected, but I’m not saying they’re not.
  4. Husband is responsible for feeding the pets. It seems I am not as good at this as him, if their yapping was anything to go by. Thankfully they all survived, but were almost as grateful to see him as we were.
  5. Remarkably the toilet paper rolls were changed all week and the empty rolls miraculously made their way into the bin. Coincidence?

Finally, I’ve always had a lot of respect for single parents, especially after being raised by one. And even though it was only a week of doing it sort-of solo, and it’s not really comparable at all; I take my hat off to you all.

Now, back to the questions. Because, seriously they actually, literally never end.



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