Wordless Wednesday | Knotty Hair

Poss' hair. A symbol of bigger things.

It might look like just hair. Albeit very knotty hair.

But this is a symbol for all the grooming that Poss does not allow.

There are sensory issues that contribute to it. I get that . But it’s getting more than tiresome.

We have a plan.

More on that later in the week. When it’s not Wordless Wednesday.


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  1. Oh my…. my baby girl is 2 and a half with ASD and sensory issues. She’s my ‘wild child’ as we call her because already she doesn’t let me brush her very wavy hair. Occasionally if I can get in fast I can run a comb through and tie it up, but it comes with fuss and tears 🙁
    Our OT said she really dislikes light touch so to brush firmly, and there are sensory brushes out there you can buy… although I’m sure none of this is news to you. Anyway… I’m having a little chuckle because no doubt I will post that same picture of my girl in 3 or 4 years time. Look forward to the master plan being unveiled. Good luck xx
    Oh and I have a son also with ASD (age 3)… we have home haircuts (hairdresser comes to us) now because the screaming drew so much attention at the shops…. LOL
    Carly Webber | Charlie and Bella recently posted..CHEEKY MISS HMy Profile

  2. Get het to brush it with a really hard, short bristled brush that skips her hair and goes straight to the scalp. Helps desensitise. Also giving a whole body and head really deep pressure massage first might help too.
    Or just chop it all off and go with the ‘pixie’ look…

  3. Ouch it looks like hard work to get it nice and smooth. Good luck with that beautiful hair
    Tamara recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 26 SeptmeberMy Profile

  4. That’s not a knot – THIS is a knot:

    This is what we had to do:

    Eventually we had to cut all her hair off and give her to cover up the huge chunk I’d had to chop out!
    My little miss has sensory issues too.
    Alison recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: COFTMy Profile

  5. Oh Dear …. hope you got it all out. such beautiful hair too. cringing just thinking about that.
    Mums Take Five recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – My First Semi-Dried Tomatoes!My Profile

  6. I remembered my niece having the same kind of hair! But she’s totally different person now. A grown-up beautiful lady.
    boundforstyle recently posted..Hello world!My Profile


  1. […] off. Short. It’s a blessing in the sense that hopefully we will be able to better manage the brushing routine in the mornings (which is a sensory nightmare), but I was hesitant as she really does have […]

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