Wordless Wednesday – the lazy edition

It’s another week of same same but different. Every day seems to flow like treacle as we start the day with tears, generally Poss’, but sometimes mine. We wade on through, trying to keep our heads above the waterline.

So instead of boring you all with the in’s and out’s of the words I don’t even have, I thought I would share some things that made me smile this week while I cruised Pinterest, trying to sleep at 3 in the morning.

Cos that’s original. Regardless. Enjoy. I promise kittens and unicorns. And inappropriate swearing.

Cats and mittens

silently judging

unicorn stabby

haters gonna hate four drinks and i'm using fuck like a comma

sea horse

I am hoping normal transmission will resume soon. Until then, maybe I can pretend this is a Wordless Wednesday post? Worth a shot.

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  1. hi i have just come across your page and i have read your posts i have 5 children 4 are on the spectrum i have never meet any parents before with asd kids i am going through everything that you are going through .It is nice to see there is other parents out there going through the same keep your head up

  2. A perfect wordless Wednesday x
    Nathalie Brown recently posted..Blogging: Are you blogging for the right reasons?My Profile

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